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Tiling Contractor Sunshine Coast

From the smallest bathroom tiling repair to a full-scale commercial shop floor, every job is finished the right way. If you are looking for an expert tile installer, you can be sure that our work will stand the test of time.

Please get in contact with us for all your bathroom renovation and kitchen splashback installation. Service the Sunshine Coast for years.

Local Tilers in Sunshine Coast

Laying tiles is a relatively easy task that anyone can manage to do. The only problem is that not all can do a safe and with quality. With a professional company, you can rest assured that experts will install, remove, or refurbish your floor or walls.

If we talk about credibility, our company is not only experienced but are also licensed. Furthermore, being legally registered means that they have the best and suitable techniques and equipment to execute the job correctly. Turning to a certified and insured tiler in the area minimizes problems and further damage to your property.

When it comes to our services, these include primarily of tile installation, removal, replacement, and re-grouting. As the leading company in the industry, we are licensed and insured to do both domestic and commercial projects.

More on our excellent customer care, our personnel are oriented in treating each project with utmost respect and dedication to quality. So no matter how simple or extensive your project may be, we make sure to provide the best service.

Also, our clients are offered with free site visitation and a free estimate before any contracts have been signed.


    By Art S. from Marcoola, 4564

    They are one of the best tile contractors that I came across. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs expert care on their tile installation. The ceramic tiles in our kitchen look fabulous, and they finished the job ahead of schedule. I also appreciate how they kept the workplace tidy during and after completion. Thank you for the superb work.

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    About Tiling Sunshine Coast

    Sunshine Coast Tilers offers a wide range of services that covers both residential and commercial clients. As a reputable contractor in the area, we have gained knowledge and expertise in installing all types of tile materials. From the traditional materials to new kinds of tiles, there’s no job that’s too small or too complex.

    In addition to our extensive experience, the company is proud of our dedicated employees that composes of highly trained tile experts. Our skilled team is supervised by a veteran tile expert, where he ensures that safety and high-standards are met in all of our projects.

    Along with our experience and high quality of work, we are a licensed and insured company. In other words, this gives our clients peace of mind when we work for you.

    Moreover, we only work with trusted brands such as Beaumont Tiles, that have been supplying us with the best high-grade tiles in the market.

    The Services Of A Professional Tiler In The Sunshine Coast

    As a leading tiling contractor for both domestic and commercial commissions, we are capable of providing full service in the area. We have a good range of experts and the resources to cover all types of materials.

    For instance, one expert tiler can install subway or mosaic tiles that need patience and attention to detail. Meanwhile, we also have an expert removal team to take apart and remove the tiles on horizontal or vertical surfaces.

    As part of our domestic services, we are a leading name when it comes to bathroom and kitchen renovations. The kitchen and bathroom areas are the busiest spaces in a household.

    We create a stunning and functional area for your family. Sunshine Coast Tiling works fast and efficient.

    Aside from being cost-efficient in residential projects, our commercial projects have a more dedicated project management head to oversee the project schedule. At our company, we understand the importance of time. That is why we work efficiently that’s with safety precautions and protection of existing property.

    By Alvin L. from Alexandra Headland, 4572

    We thank you and your team for a great job. The mosaic tiles in our swimming pool look absolutely stunning and a lot of guests noticed the intricate work.
    Their prices were reasonable, and they used top-notch tiles for the finish. Since we also need an update on our old bathroom, I’ll be hiring them again. For those who need a reliable company, I highly recommend Tiling Sunshine Coast team.

    CALL (07) 3667 8072 NOW

    Sunshine Coast Outdoor Tiling

    Enjoy and protect your outdoor areas with our professional outdoor tiling services. We have the tools and skills to make your outdoor leisure dream come true. We can beautify your garden, patio, or expand your pool for the next upcoming summer.

    As mentioned, we have the tools or equipment in properly executing all our jobs. We use the latest and most accurate assessment of your outdoor area. With these advanced methods, we can check your tile area for any possible damages that are not visible.

    Coupled with our excellent techniques are our skilled tilers. With extensive training, our expert tilers have honed their craft, enabling them to create a seamless installation.

    Our in-house tile designers can create a feature wall. Wall tiles laid out to create a unique design that can be placed anywhere in your home or business. But, the more popular areas are the swimming pool, patio and kitchen areas.

    Furthermore, with craftsmanship, our tilers understand the need for proper preparation. We are happy to take care of your old tiles and replace them. For instance, our team can remove existing outdoor tiles for your balcony or path walks.

    Although, if you still love your existing outdoor tiles, but need further reinforcement or enhancement of your slabs. You can choose to avail of our re-grouting service. Our tiler will inspect all your tiles, for any hairlines, cracks, or loose parts and determine if your tile area can be saved.

    But, if you have extensive damage to your tiles. It may be best to replace them to prevent leaks and other types of problems on your substrate. Before you can avail our excellent outdoor service, feel free to contact us for any enquiry. Besides, you also get free site inspection and quotation no obligation needed.

    Ceramic tiling installation in outdoor area

    Kitchen Tiling Sunshine Coast, QLD

    The kitchen is the busiest area in a home; that’s why tiles need to be hygienic and durable to handle the heavy use. Moreover, an attractive kitchen finish gives added value to the busy hub. Your family and guests will surely enjoy hanging out in a well-designed kitchen space.

    For kitchen floors, not only will you need a durable material but also with skid-free, easily maintained, properties. Our experts can install stone, granite, marble, porcelain, and ceramic tiles, which are among the best choices of materials.

    Meanwhile, kitchen wall tiles are not only decorative but should also be easily cleaned. We have our tile specialist in providing input on what tile material that will perfectly suit your kitchen news. And, if you have a tile layout in mind, we will happily install the design for you.

    Now about your countertop tiles, they should be easy-to-clean just like your floors and walls but should be very durable. Robust tiles will be able to withstand the massive grinding of everyday food preparation.

    Granite tiles are always high on our list. But if the price is your concern, our tile installers are happy to install more affordable tiles. It can include concrete, quartz, and engineered stone tiles.

    Besides the typical kitchen tiles you’ve seen many times, our tilers can also install new and modern designs. Subway, hexagonal, removable tiles are just a few trending finishes today.

    Kitchen tiling renovation in Sunshine Coast


    removing floor tiles with a jackhammer and a chisel bit

    Tiles Removal Services

    Whether you want to replace or remove a tile space entirely, removing tiles is not as easy as it seems. Depending on what type of current tile material you have, you should consider the existing substrate and adhesives used. If you plan to replace your tiles, then you’ll need to take care of your existing substrate to preserve its structural integrity.

    Therefore, for safe and efficient removal of your tiles, hire a professional tile removal company in your area. Having help from people who have been removing tiles for many years means they have the experience, knowledge, skills, and equipment.

    Experienced tilers can successfully remove your tiles without further damaging your existing structure.

    Aside from the efficient removal process, our company provides a comprehensive tiling service. If you’re happy with our removal service, we can also do the tile replacement. Or, if you have tile areas that need re-grouting or cleaning, we would be delighted to help you with that too, at a competitive price.

    For your security and ours, we make sure you that we are a certified tiler in the area. Moreover, since we have built trust with top suppliers in the area, we cover warranties on our jobs and materials. This security applies to all our projects, regardless of size and complexity.

    Contact us now to avail of our free site inspection and free estimate. A veteran tile expert will inspect the job site and will provide a free estimate on the spot. We are always transparent and honest with our dealings and rest assured that we provide detailed invoices during our turnover.

    Finished Bathroom renovation in residential sunshine coast property

    Bathroom Tiling Renovation

    As a professional tiling installer in the area, we can transform your bathroom into a relaxing retreat, with stunning and bright tile work. If you need your bathroom tiles are outdated or damaged, it’s time to consider for tile replacement.

    Moreover, our professional tile installers have many years of experience transforming spaces. We have the skills and equipment to ensure a seamless install process. Our certified installers have completed a good number of bathroom tile installations in _ and surrounding areas. We are meticulous and don’t miss the details so that the finished project is just what you pictured.

    Your bathroom tile can be truly unique and personalized, where we were consulted with custom bathroom tile designs. You can showcase these tile designs in your floors and shower walls. Wherever you’d like to install your tile in your bathroom, we can create a plan that captures your preference and budget.

    As we have trusted tile suppliers in the area, we offer a wide array of tiles from traditional to modern tiles. You can also choose to combine different types of tile materials; this also includes accent pieces. Our team of tiling experts will show you design options to help you create the best bathroom look you prefer. With so many tile hues and colours to choose from, you’ll have a unique look you always wanted. We can work with various tile materials such as travertine, ceramic, porcelain, granite, quartz, and many more.

    In addition to stunning bathroom tile designs, we also make sure that your tiles are durable. We also ensure that the grouting material and installation process is of quality.

    Tiler installing a tile on a commercial shopping mall in Sunshine Coast

    Queensland Commercial Tiling Sunshine Coast

    We are a well-established company that have done large scale projects for all types of commercial customers. With our status, we are dedicated to providing superior work. Along with exceptional work is the security that we provide our clients. We have an updated licence, and we deal with top brands.

    As a full-service contractor, our commercial work involves creating valuable interiors for business establishments. With years of experience, we have the knowledge and skills to accomplish complex projects. Our excellent project management methods and supervision are valuable assets we are very proud of. Each crew has an experienced foreman to oversee the daily work activity.

    We provide consistent professional service from start to finish. Replacement of interior wall tiles, installation of outdoor pavements, or removal of bathroom tiles, we have resources to be on time. In addition to management skills, each commercial tiling project we do is provided with an adequate workforce to accomplish the installation timeline.

    All of our employees have been screened and adequately trained to meet high standard results. We make sure that our personnel are oriented to provide first-rate customer care. Having an excellent client relationship is essential as we deal with various vital persons in the project. These professional include project owners, developers, architects, builders, landscapers, and the like.

    For the effective delivery of the project, we are transparent and honest in all our dealings. Likewise, constant communication with clients, managers, suppliers, and other tradespeople help in an excellent and cost-effective installation process. Know more about what we offer by calling us on our hotline numbers. You can also send questions about our professional commercial services through our email.

    Get In Contact With Tiling Sunshine Coast

    If you need professional services in your area and unsure where to start, we are just one call away. Moreover, you can contact us through email if you want to provide a detailed inquiry on your needs.

    For your questions regarding tile installation, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Our excellent customer care will guide you through the process. In other words, we cover all types of renovations. It does not matter how simple or complex it may be. Whether you want to replace vinyl tiles in your bathroom or need a contractor for your shop, we are happy to assist you.

    Want to know more about our partners? Check them out here Denver Tile Installation Contractors and Tiling Services Tower Hamlets.


    Thanks to this team of experts. Our new kitchen wall tiles look great and modern. From our initial contact to the end of the job, our experience was a pleasant one. They were very professional and guided us throughout the process. I actually learned a thing or two during their tile installation.
    The foreman was always present during the work, which I think is why the project was finished quickly and with seamless output. They are professional tilers that’s worth every penny.

    We wanted to replace our old ceramic tiles in our bathroom walls but don’t want to spend too much money. Good thing we came across this guys. I chose them because I saw that they have been installing and replacing tiles in the area for a long time.
    They suggested using porcelain tiles instead. The supervisor explained to us that these tiles are more durable compared to ceramic, but less expensive.
    The result was a lovely update in our bathroom. I recommend them to anyone who needs help in choosing the right tile style for their home.

    We were looking for an affordable contractor to replace the old chipped bathroom tiles. Then a friend of ours recommended this company.
    Our initial experience with their team was pleasant. The supervisor was courteous and answered all our questions. With everything clear, we’ve decided to go for the subway tile style. They were modern-looking, and they can be installed in several layouts.
    After a few days, the result was terrific. They are definitely a professional company that gives excellent results. Two thumbs up to the team.