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Tiles Removal Services Sunshine Coast

Our tiles removal company specializes in removing all types of tile materials in the area. As a professional tile removal expert, we have the expert team and proper equipment to make the tile removal process fast and efficient. As a licensed and insured tiling company, all our transactions are secured and with high quality.

Tiles removal is the first step of transforming your old space into a new and upbeat area that suits your present needs. Whatever the task, we use the latest methods and equipment to remove all tiles quickly. From garage floor tiles to removing cement tiles, we make sure that the area is ready for a new set of finishes.

Interior Tiles Removal in Sunshine Coast

Changes are inevitable, and when you decide, it’s time to get a new look for your home or house of business. You’ll need a professional removal service to make sure that the task will run smoothly.

Need an expert in removing tiles from walls? You’ll need extra care in taking out your tiles as not to damage your existing substrate. Our professional tile removers start by meticulously soften the existing grout between your tiles. Scraping grout is a painstaking process, and a trained removal specialist can yield the best results. For the tiles, we use a tile glue remover to lift each piece easily.

For instance, just like wall tiles, removing the tile floor is an intricate process as not to damage your existing subfloors. In other words, unless you have removable floor tiles, you’ll need tile adhesive remover, especially for large-sized and heavy clays.

To sum up, as a large tile removal company, we have overall coverage of tile materials. From removing ceramic tile to granite tiles, we provide consistent and competitive tile removal cost.


    By Jessie L. from Mountain Creek, 4557

    “Fast tile removal experience! I found their service fast and efficient; these guys brought complete equipment and gear and started working their way through the office lobby. They placed protective sheets on all our equipment, so dust or debris won’t go into the electronics. They worked all through the weekend, and now we’re ready to replace the removed part with a different material. Thanks for the team. I highly recommend them. Very professional tile removal service that knows their trade very well”

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    Sunshine Coast Exterior Tiles Removal Contractor

    Sunshine Tilers can help whether you want to replace your old pool tiles or remove your patio tiles. We are the professional tile removal company you can rely on.

    Moreover, we value our client’s time; that is why all our exterior tiles removal is done with efficient techniques and equipment. When we send a team for the removal process, we assign a supervisor or foreman to monitor the progress. We also make sure to use safety procedures and equipment to protect any existing properties that may be directly affected during the work.

    Exterior Tiles removal contractor chiseling floor tiles

    By Alma F. from Warana, 4575

    “I was looking for a professional company in removing bathroom tiles and found Tiling Sunshine Coast on Google. Once we got all the details figured out, they started the next day. I estimated that our tiles would be removed by Sunday, but I was happy they finished earlier. I’m very impressed with the result, and because they were easy to work with, I extended their contract in replacing the bathroom tiles”.

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    By Jack O. from Bokarina, 4575

    “Efficient removal process! I told the contractor I need our kitchen floor re-grouted by the end of the week, as we have guests coming over Sunday. I was happy with the result; my kitchen floor looks brand new. My recommendation to any homeowner who needs tiling services would be to hire them. Top-notch services and not expensive”.

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    Grout Removal and Replacement

    There are times when you don’t need an entire tile removal. If you have a well-intact tiling, you may not need to replace your existing tiles.

    Instead, you can replace your grouting to eliminate dented or chipped of grouts. Another reason in hiring a tile grout remover that’s if you need to change the colour or brand of grout applied.

    In short, if you think you see chipped off grouting in your tiles, it may be time to get grout remover. You can also have replaced the brand or material of the adhesive.

    Tiler grouting newly installed wall tiles

    Get In Contact With a Tiles Removal Contractor

    We’ve listed on this page contact options for your convenience. We encourage you to communicate concerning our professional tile removal services.

    As an established company, we assure you that we are certified and warranted in all our materials and work. Along with our free site visitation, we provide free quotations so you can get an estimate on your tile removal project.