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Outdoor Tiling Contractor

Searching for a reliable Outdoor Tiling Services? Let us take care of your next outdoor project for you.

Local Exterior Tilers in Sunshine Coast

Our tiling company has been providing quality outdoor finishes for many years. As a trusted outdoor tiling provider in the area, our local clients have enjoyed stunning exterior designs for their homes and businesses. Since we are an established builder for many years, we are licensed and insured to safeguard our valued clients.

Our professional company offer an excellent service that caters to all tiling needs. Since we have a versatile team of experts and skilled workforce, we can handle installation, repair, replacement, and consultation anywhere in the area.

Continue reading and discover the great value we can offer from our services. Below are our major outdoor tiling installation services.


    By Martha K. from Palmwoods, 4555

    “I love how they transformed my shabby deck into a modern-looking family space. My husband and kids love it, and we enjoy showing off the area to our guests. Our new-found hangout area was just put together under just two weeks. Very impressive indeed, I’m excited to hire them for another project.”

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    Garden Outdoor Tiling In The Sunshine Coast

    Gardening is one of the most pleasurable outdoor activities that anyone can enjoy. Why not further enhance your beautiful plantings by installing garden tiles. Our expert contractors can advise you with the right striking textures and hues that can complement your greenery perfectly.

    Aside from design, we understand that your existing garden is one of your most treasured achievements. That is why our team, with the supervision of a lead expert, will make sure to protect your property. We make sure to clean up space during and after installation neatly.

    Pathway Outdoor Tiling Installation

    Though outdoor tiles are not only pleasing to the eyes but are essential in preventing slipping accidents. Our highly-skilled installers can install anti-slip rustic finishes such as slate, limestone, and concrete tiles that are also durable for high traffic use.

    Other than being non-skid, your pavements should also be sturdy enough to withstand the changing temperatures outdoors. Rubber pavements, stone, and aggregate pavers are only a few samples of the more durable materials in the market.

    These hard-wearing materials can complement your natural surroundings and are perfect for any contemporary property.

    Oudoor tiling over tiles pathway installation

    Deck and Patio Installation in Sunshine Coast, QLD

    Your premium outdoor living space deserves the best outdoor tiles in the market. We can help you with brands such as Bunnings outdoor tiles or Beaumont Tiles. But, your design and brand choice will ultimately be of final use as we always prioritize our clients’ preferences.

    Deck and patio area should blend perfectly with your existing building design to make a cohesive look. For instance, wooden tiles can give an excellent contrasting effect when matched with a stucco or concrete cladding exterior finish. Our experienced contractors can help you pick the best patio or deck tiles to match your style.

    Finished Renovation Outdoor Tiling Patio with feature wooden ferniture

    By Robin Adamson from Kuluin, 4558

    “Quality finish! This company knows their trade, and I love how the contractor listened to my requests. It was an impressive patio and garden tiling that I can’t wait to show off to my friends next week. I also appreciate how they cleaned up the place. I’ll recommend them anytime. If you need an expert tiler at a reasonable price, this is the company you need.”

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    By Ann Wilson from Buderim, 4556

    “It was an easy flow of work, and the quality of this company’s tilers was amazing. The mosaics on my spa area were seamlessly installed, and since I love personalizing, they got what I want right on the spot. I’m hiring them again, this time for a pavement project. Thanks again.”

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    Ceramic outdoor commercial balcony tiling with tables and chairs on display

    Balcony Tiles Services

    Like in deck and patio areas, the balcony tile material should be light enough for your balcony structure to carry. Many light-weight tiles in the market are sturdy to withstand the contraction and expansion. These hard-wearing tiles include travertine, bamboo, wooden with a protective coating, and ceramic tiles.

    For installation, an experienced and skilled installer is needed, as other factors should be considered, especially if you have an unusual balcony design. Aside from design, our expert also consider the drainage and waterproofing factors when installing them on your balcony.

    Rustic garden tiling surface

    Exterior Feature Walls

    As mentioned, tiles are visual pieces, that when put together can create a stunning design element for your property. Our installers know all too well how effective outdoor tiles can enhance your home or establishment’s value.

    We can also help you out in creating a feature wall. We will use mix tiles to create an exciting design to upgrade your business establishment. Or, if you have an existing design, we are more than happy to do a seamless installation of your feature tile art.

    Next to swimming pool mosaic tiled deck

    Outdoor Tiling Wall

    More than visual effect, as a full-service contractor, we are one of the leading wall finishers in the area. Consequently, exterior wall tiles are a favoured material for many of our clients due to their durability and aesthetic value. Natural hues and textures are the most prominent, and we do install vinyl and other synthetic based tiles.

    Other than contemporary materials, we also install specialized types of tiles such as glass tiles that can be used for commercial establishments. Or, mosaic that work perfectly with your spa or pool areas. With years in handling commercial tiling, we know too well on how to handle such complex tiling projects.

    Get In Contact And Ask About Our Exterior Tiling Services

    We are a professional outdoor tiling company that has been helping clients achieve that stunning outdoor space for many years. As we have served homeowners, businesses, landscapers, and builders, we have gained much experience and knowledge in all types of tiling needs. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and avail of our free visitation and estimation with no obligation.

    During the free site inspection, we always send in our lead supervisor. He will check and assess the project site, regardless of how small or complicated your needs are. We welcome all of your questions regarding our outdoor tiling services. We welcome all questions regarding our services. You can email us or give us a call on our hotline numbers listed on this page.