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Tilers Greater Noosa

At Tiling Greater Noosa, our tiling specialists have years of experience in the industry, providing high-quality services for residential, commercial and industrial jobs. Tiles Greater Noosa is one of the largest stockists in the area and offers a variety of premium-quality tiles at competitive prices. Whether you’re looking for natural stone tiles or stylish glazed designs for your bathroom or kitchen makeover project – their selection includes something for everyone. They also provide tile removal services and second-hand roof tiles for those looking to save on costs. With an extensive range of indoor and outdoor tiles, they have something for every style and budget. From modern terrazzo finishes to traditional terracotta flooring, you can find the perfect tile solution for your home or business.

Here at Tiling Greater Noosa, they have a team of expert tilers who are committed to providing the highest quality of workmanship. Offering quality installations with premium materials at competitive rates, their team of highly trained professionals can provide expert advice and roof restoration services such as tile roof repairs, maintenance and cleaning. We are the leading supplier of quality tiles, offering an extensive range of products from leading tile brands, including Beaumont Tiles, Metro Tiles and more. With a wide range of indoor and outdoor tiles available at great prices, they make it easy to find the perfect tile for your home or business.

Our Tiling Greater Noosa Services

THE BEST Tiling Greater Noosa

Tiling Greater Noosa

Tiling Greater Noosa is the leading provider of Sunshine Coast tiles.

At Tiling Greater Noosa, we offer various services, including porcelain, ceramic, terracotta, stone, marble and much more. From tile flooring to wall cladding, outdoor tiling and roof repairs, we can cater to any request you might have. Our experienced team of tilers are highly skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of tiling, so you can be sure that your project is in safe hands. With a wide range of indoor and outdoor tiles available at great prices, we make it easy to find the perfect tile for your home or business. Our services don’t just stop there! We also provide tile removal, waterproofing and grout cleaning services to ensure that your tiles look their best for years to come. For quality tiling solutions in the Greater Noosa area, contact us today for a free quote.


    Outdoor tiling

    Outdoor tiles can completely transform a previously dull or neglected area into something beautiful and welcoming. Tiles come in all sorts of styles, colours, sizes and shapes, allowing homeowners to make an individualized statement out in nature. Whether you are creating an outdoor entertainment area, renovating a pool deck, or just adding a patio for the family to gather around – tiling is a great way to increase the functionality of your outdoor space while lending it both durability and sophistication. A carefully planned design that incorporates suitable tiles can add a fresh look to any exterior area without overwhelming existing landscape elements. With so many beautiful options available in outdoor tile selections, there’s no need to be left with dull or worn-out surfaces!

    installing a square shaped blue coloured tiles
    Kitchen Wall Tiling Services

    Kitchen tiling

    Installing tiles in the kitchen is a great way to make any space feel fresh and updated. Not only do tiles come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, but they are also easy and cost-effective to maintain. With a range of materials for installation, such as ceramic, porcelain and even concrete, among others, it’s easy to find the perfect design solution for any home. Furthermore, tiling can be used on various surfaces such as countertops, walls or floors that will create an inviting atmosphere with a modern aesthetic. Kitchen tiling provides an effortless décor upgrade that is sure to leave guests impressed.

    Tiles removal

    Removing tiles can seem like a daunting task, but with the proper knowledge and equipment, it just takes time and patience. Start by determining where the grout and cement lines are located – depending on the tile type, this could be behind, under or around the tile itself. Utilize a hammer drill to break up the mortar if you’re struggling to pry out the tiles, and use gloves to protect your hands. Use a scraper or chisel to gently remove the material without picking at small pieces of tile, which could lead to further damage. Finally, always be cautious when handling debris during removal, as there could be small pieces of glass or other harmful materials that could cause an injury.

    Tiler jack hammering floor tiles Sunshine Coast
    marble bathroom renovation tiling

    Bathroom tiling

    Tiles are a great way to give your bathroom an extra touch of sophistication and style. They come in various materials, sizes, and colours, giving you many options depending on your desired look. Installing tiles can be an enjoyable project as it doesn’t require too much technical know-how or expensive tools. This makes it a low-stress renovation option while still having the potential to change the atmosphere within your bathroom completely. Whether you’re looking for a subtle update or want to go entirely into tiled walls and floors, any amount of tiling can have a tremendous effect on the feel of your space.

    Commercial tiling

    Commercial tiling is a skilled job requiring the utmost accuracy and attention to detail. From ceramic and porcelain tiles to a wide variety of natural stone options such as marble or granite, choosing suitable tiles for the job is only one step in a lengthy process. Professional tilers must understand how to prepare surfaces, lay the tiles out evenly and accurately cut them to fit around fixtures if necessary. They also know their limitations: when working with large-scale projects, they will often collaborate with experienced tilers in order to ensure that all requirements, such as safety standards, are met. With so much at stake, it’s essential to find an experienced and highly qualified tiler who can bring your vision to life while ensuring that your project is completed as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

    Tiler installing a tile on a commercial shopping mall in Sunshine Coast

    Tiling Sunshine Coast

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